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Rooibos Aromatics

Rooibos & Full Spectrum CBD Oil 500ml

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The Rooibos and Full Spectrum CBD Oil is available in a 500ml bottle, containing 100mg of CBD. This means that there are 100 teaspoons in a bottle, and that each teaspoon of oil contains 1mg of CBD. 

Recommended dosage for a small dog or cat is one teaspoon over their food. For Fancy Rats, Guinea Pigs and Rabbits we recommend a couple of drops over their food. 

The Rooibos and Full Spectrum CBD Oil is a fantastic entry level product for people uncertain about CBD for their animals, or for those animals that are more sensitive, like small mammals. 

CBD Can Assist with:


Joint support & Mobility

Anxiety and Fear

Digestive Problems

Skin issues & Allergies

Seizures & Epilepsy


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