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Who is Mischief Pet Products?

Mischief Pet Products is a dream come to life. Born out of a desperate need for suitable products for my own Fancy Rats. Mischief is not a large company, just one person trying to make the world better for the most under valued of pets.

Over time Mischief has grown to cover an extended range of products for Fancy Rats, Fancy Mice, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Degus, Chinchillas and Rabbits. I did not forget about your Dogs, Cats and Horses, the ranges are forever growing!

At Mischief Pet Products I believe in supporting other small businesses. Many of the items available on the website is special ordered from other small and micro businesses. When we all stand together we can lift each other up to new heights.

Thanks to Mischief I also have the opportunity to assist rescues in the incredible work they do. Upon Checkout you have the option to donate an amount. Each month this amount will be distributed to one of the small exotic rescues. To make it even easier to help, you also have the option of donating items directly to a rescue. I will cover the cost of shipping to make sure that the items reach the fur kids.

Please remember that Mischief is one person, not a full group of staff. Be kind, be understanding and be patient.

  • Rooibos Training Treats

    All the goodness of Rooibos Oil packed into a tasty treat. Perfect for Fancy Rats, Fancy Mice and Hamsters! Share the extras with your dog so none go to waste.

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  • Willow Ball

    The perfect environmental enrichment for Fancy Rats, Fancy Mice, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs and Rabbits. Locally produced. Available in two sizes to suit your fur kid.

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  • Autumn Harvest 150g

    We’ve taken nature’s riches from the field and hedgerow and created a delicious mix of goodness for your pet. Add a little bowlful, sprinkle on their main food or mix into hay.

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