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Rooibos Aromatics

Rooibos Crunch

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Rooibos Crunch is the by-product of Rooibos & Chamomile Oil. Despite this, it is still rich in Rooibos and Chamomile goodness!


Sprinkle over the food. As a tasty addition and to provide supplementary nutrition that is known to  boost the immune system. The Crunch is often used to hide the taste of food that the animal might not otherwise like to eat.

For Cats; Leave a little on a saucer and they will eat as much as they like.

For Dogs;  Sprinkle a dessertspoon over wet food once or twice a day.

For Horses;  Add a cup-full a day to feed, or just give them a hand-full as a treat!

For Birds;  Leave a small amount in a separate bowl for them to help themselves, or sprinkle over seeds.

For Small Mammals; Sprinkle a small amount over their cooked food, or mix in with their dry mix. 

Sprinkle some Rooibos Crunch in your Fancy Rats litter tray to help minimize odors in a healthy way!

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