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Monster Toy

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The Monster Toy is a multi purpose toy that is unique, machine washable and lots of fun!
The Small measures at approximately 80 cm in length. The classification as a small item should not fool you!
The Large measures at approximately 1 m in length! The largest toy we have on offer!
The monster is a hollow tunneling toy, offering hours of exploration for your rats. With four tunnel legs and a hollow body it also offers enough quiet spots for one rat to snooze the day away while the others explore.
With tags on its spine and feet, the monster is perfect for every scenario, from caged rats, free roam rats and play room fun. Hang it in the cage, put it on the play room floor, whichever you prefer.
Please allow up to 2 weeks before delivery as this item is custom made.
Perfect for rats and larger Sugar Gliders.

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