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Mischief Pet Products

Mischief Gourmet: Rooibos, Chamomile & Honey 75g

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The Mischief Gourmet range is a step in a very new, healthy direction.

Each bag includes:

2 x Sekelbos Forager Toys with a Rooibos, Chamomile and Honey Core.

A select amount of Rooibos, Chamomile and Honey biscuits.

A sprinkling of healthy Rooibos crunch as well as Chamomile.

Perfect for Fancy Mice, Fancy Rats, Hamsters (Not Dwarf Hamsters), Guinea Pigs and Rabbits! You can even sneak a Forager Toy to those feathered friends every now and then! Spoil your canine child to one of the biscuits!

How to use? The delicious core on the Forager Toys  encourage chewing, even in the laziest of fur kids. Our decadent biscuits are the perfect occasional treat. Once your bag is empty, sprinkle the Rooibos Crunch and Chamomile over your fur kids dinner!

Made with the goodness of Rooibos Crunch, locally sourced Chamomile and honey it means your fur kids receive the highest quality of fresh goodness every time! 

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