Microgreen Growing Kit - Single

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Add a dash of adventure to your fur kids fresh food with Microgreens! Perfect for fancy rats, birds, guinea pigs and rabbits! 

 Our Single Kits contain: 

  • 20 g Microgreens Seed

  • 1 x Plastic growing container

  • 1 bag Coco Peat

We source high quality heirloom seeds to guarantee a high yield of healthy plants from pesticide free seeds. Your little ones deserve only the best!

Growing instructions: 

  1. Add Coco Peat to the plastic container. Leave a small amount aside to use on top of the seeds. 

  2. Sow seeds thickly

  3. Add a fine layer of the remaining Coco Peat on top of the seeds.

  4. Water regularly and keep moist. 

  5.  Harvest between 10 - 14 days. 

Serving suggestions: 

Add the leaves to your fur kids fresh food or sprinkle over their seed mix. 

Add the growing box to their cage / play area as a digging adventure! 

Sprinkle some leaves over your own food for an extra treat!

Remember to re-use your containers!

Happy growing! 

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