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Pretoria Rattery

Maze Pre-Order - Please note that I will place an order for Mazes at the end of each month.

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Pretoria Rattery, in partnership with Nifty Nests have designed these wonderful easy to assemble mazes! Laser Cut for accuracy and available in 3mm or 6mm thickness. 

Each set consists of 12 pieces for endless hours of creativity! Please note that 3mm and 6mm can not be combined due to the differences in thickness. 

3mm Mazes are lighter, and easier to assemble. Perfect for a maze that will need quick assembly or that needs to be stored flat after use. 6mm Mazes are heavier, slightly more difficult to assemble but easier to move from area to area if needed. 

Perfect for Fancy Rats and Hamsters. Why not give it a try with your Slinky Rats? The perfect addition to play areas and rat rooms. 

Please note that I will place an order for mazes at the end of each month. All orders containing Mazes will be sent off after they have arrived.