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Snooze Cube

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Perfect for cuddling in cold weather, or hiding from the world. Warm, safe and spacious enough for all the cage mates to cuddle together. All Snooze Cubes are equipped with tags so they can be suspended from the cage bars. 
The Small Snooze Cube is perfect for baby rats and sugar gilders. It fits in most smaller cages. At +/- 17 cm x 17 cm it still has enough space for two or three smaller rats.
The Medium Snooze Cube fits all normal size cages and is perfect for rats and sugar gliders. At +/-22 cm x 22 cm it has enough space for even the largest rats to hide against the cold weather.
The Large Snooze Cube fits all large cage, including the Rat Mansion and Savic Suite Royale. At +/-27 cm x 27 cm and a doorway of 13 cm in diameter it is large enough for rats, Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs and even smaller Dwarf Rabbits.

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