Snuggle Hammock Donation - Boggle & Brux CT

Snuggle Hammock Donation - Boggle & Brux CT

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We give you the option to donate items to Boggle & Brux Cape Town via Mischief. The bonus? I will ship it for you to no cost to you! 
If you are adding it to your order, just pick your shipping option for your other products as usual. If you are just ordering goodies for Boggle & Brux, please make use of the Pick up in Pretoria option. All donations will be sent down once to twice a month. 

Our Snuggle Hammock works in the same manner as our Hidey Hammocks. However, this hammock gives a larger space to snuggle in, making this Hammock suitable for Degus and Chinchillas. 

The diameter of the Snuggle Hammock is 38 cm x 25 cm.

All products are subject to availability. Courier costs may vary from the amount stipulated on this application, depending on size of order and destination.

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